A Mighty Haven - A Social Initiative By A Mighty Mum (Coming Soon In April 2024)

A Mighty Haven is a social initiative where we collect preloved maternity/breastfeeding/baby clothings/toys to redistribute to other mummies/children who are in need. The redistribution of clothings/toys will be done in a comfortable and inviting retail space, where these mummies in need can shop for 3 to 5 pieces of items for FREE. In this way, we are saving these items from the landfills and also giving the mummies in need a chance to shop joyfully without any financial guilt while preparing for pregnancy/breastfeeding/motherhood in general. The retail space will be housed separately beside our office unit. A Mighty Haven is fully funded by us :)

We are targeting to launch this initiative in April 2024 so join us in making a difference! If you have these pre-loved items to donate, do fill up the form below and we will get back to you on delivery/drop off of the items.

Guidelines On Item Donations (Open For Collection Mid-End March 2024 Onwards)

How To Donate

Thank you for wanting to be a part of this social initiative! Please fill up this form here to indicate your items to donate (number of pieces, sizes etc) and we will contact you on when to drop off or send your items to our space. We are accepting donations from mid March 2024 onwards.

We request that you indicate the sizes (where applicable) because that will help us greatly administratively to determine which sizes are in shortage at the moment. All items received and given away will be recorded as well.

Please let us get back on the date/timing to drop off or courier the items over so that it is easier for us operationally.

What To Donate

We accept the following pre-loved items in ALL sizes (where applicable):

  • Maternity Clothings
  • Breastfeeding Clothings/Bras
  • Baby Clothings/Accessories (from Newborn - 2 years old)
  • Baby/Children Toys

Help us by ONLY sending items which are still in good/mint condition. We hope to spend more time helping more mummies in need, not sorting out unsuitable items. Do note that clothings/accessories/toys that are torn, stained, mouldy, stretched, spoilt will not be accepted.

We hope that the shopping experience for these beneficiaries will be full of delight and surprises, not shock and disappointment!

Where To Donate

After you have filled up the form, you will receive a confirmation and all the details from us to send in or drop off your items.

Please do not drop off the items at our office without filling up the form.

We Work With Social Organizations

In order to benefit more mummies in the community who need help, we will work with organizations who have direct contact with these mummies through the organization of shopping trips. If you would like to partner with us in any way, drop us an email at hello@amightymum.com or whatsapp us at +65 8887 5290.