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You Are A Mighty Mum.

Hello! I am Nancy, the founder of A Mighty Mum, a brand that strives to journey with you as you navigate motherhood, from bump to baby and beyond. A journey to solve my own issues with latching comfortably, pumping milk at the work desk and perpetually forgetting to bring nursing covers led me to develop A Mighty Top, a dual purpose shirt that doubles up as a nursing cover conveniently.

Along the way, I rediscovered more things about being a mother the second time around and decided to name my new venture A Mighty Mum. Read more about my story below.

A Mighty Mum | Picture of material swatches for A Mighty Top


Our A Mighty Top and A Mighty Kimono are lovingly designed by Nancy, the Founder of A Mighty Mum. Inspired after facing numerous difficulties breastfeeding her firstborn in public, she decided to create multi-functional clothings that not only look good, but also doubles up as nursing covers.

The whole design process took 2 years to materialize, from conceptualisation and user testing, to selection of materials and finally for production!

Designed for Mummies, By A Fellow Mummy.

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  • S, Mummy of 1

    I'm so close to giving up on BF. Your clothing gave a new hope.

  • It's my staple outfit - nursing camisole and the kimono. WOre it so often and so glad for having black colour!

  • Went for a road trip to KL, everyday also wear your kimono with leggings/tights, best part, never iron at all and still didn't look that bad

  • T

    Helps me keep going because pumping at work is just so tiring and hard :(

  • Elaine, Mummy of 2

    This nursing cover is very good! I only wear this when I bring my baby our now. No need to fumble for nursing cover anymore.

  • R, Mummy of 2

    This is really brilliant! I can just wear a top normally and do not have to worry about finding a nursing room anymore.

  • Meredith, Mummy of 1

    Current fave nursing top that's so subtle and versatile and just. makes. so. much. sense. It's so easy to style up and down and hide my 15 month-old inside to nurse her in the cab, at a restaurant or even by the Singapore River. She usually hates nursing covers but somehow she can even fall asleep under A Mighty Top. The T-shirt you never knew you needed!

  • Emiko, Mummy of 1

    First and foremost, loving the pink color material! It's soft and stretchable. My little one doesnt perspire that much under the cover. At times when she needs to peek at the outside world while having her meals, she can do so, without me risking any indecent exposure, by using the side with flaps. Otherwise, the full coverage offers roomy dining space too. I'd just retract my arms into the cover, to turn to my desired sides.

    On top of the many benefits, A Mighty Mum's nursing cover is easy to go with any shorts, pants, skirt. No one will know it's a nursing cover in disguise! Its perfect for hot weathers too!

  • Joan, Mummy of 3

    I love how roomy and stretchy it is for my baby. And it's so fun cos there are two ways to wear it!

  • N, Mummy of 2

    This top is so versatile! I like that the flaps allow me to nurse my baby easily without having to lift up my shirt.

  • E, Mummy of 1

    Why didn't anyone come up with this design sooner? I have forgotten to bring my nursing covers many times, and this top is a saver!

  • J, Mummy of 2

    Bought 3 shirts to bring along with me overseas, really convenient to latch anywhere, even on a plane!

  • N

    Me and bb love your kimono cardigan cover too! Can free my ahdns out from the sleeves is a great design! Bb likes to use it as blanket (putting her arms in the sleevs) to sleep too! Got comfort smell :P

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