You Are A Mighty Mum


I am Nancy, the founder of A Mighty Mum, a mummy of 2 adorable kids who set out on a journey to solve my own issues with breastfeeding confidently and discreetly in public after breastfeeding for a total of 5 years! 

I totally understand your frustrations and all your unspoken and unseen problems that you faced when breastfeeding/pumping in public, because I went through the exact same problems before. 

  • Always forgetting to bring nursing covers out? 
  • Fumbling with getting the nursing covers on? 
  • Struggling with the complicated clasps of breastfeeding clothings?
  • Zippers/Flappers leaving marks on baby faces during breastfeeding?
  • Unintentional exposure when baby pulls up the nursing cover? 
  • Finding a comfortable and discreet space to pump milk at the workplace?
  • Messy hair after pulling out the nursing cover over our heads?
  • Troubled over what to wear that is breastfeeding/pumping friendly?
  • Throwing out bags of maternity clothings after breastfeeding?

And finally, just when you gave up and found a nursing room, THERE IS A LONG QUEUE. By this time, your baby is wailing in hunger (or your boobs are screaming and bursting with milk) and a million people are staring at you. Sounds familiar? 

That’s when it hit me. If I can use an existing piece of clothing on me to double up as a nursing cover, wouldn’t it solve a lot of my problems? After researching and prototyping for 1 whole year, I left my full-time role as a lecturer and launched A Mighty Mum with our signature A Mighty Top design, a dual purpose shirt that doubles up as a nursing cover conveniently, to accompany you in all your mummy duties and tasks, throughout the day, everyday even beyond your breastfeeding/pumping days.

I hope to journey with you as you navigate motherhood and know that you are not alone with all these breastfeeding issues that seem too trivial to mention to anyone else.

Because, You Are A Mighty Mum no matter what and you deserved to be heard.

With lots of love, 

💌  Nancy

Connect with me on instagram, @amightymum!