You Are A Mighty Mum


I am Nancy, the founder of A Mighty Mum, a brand which makes the journey of mummyhood and breastfeeding a little easier through functionally designed pieces. I have recently weaned off my second born of breastmilk after 4 long years of breastfeeding!

I started out on this journey wanting to design functional clothes for breastfeeding/pumping after breastfeeding both my kids and encountering issues like the perpetually occupied nursing rooms, limited choice of clothings for nursing/pumping access and also the forgetful mummy syndrome of forgetting to bring a nursing cover out.

What started out as a journey to design functional pieces for breastfeeding became a journey of self discovery as it suddenly hit me that this journey of motherhood is not solely about feeding at all. As such, I begin to design something for mummies that can be used from pregnancy, to breastfeeding and beyond.

From running errands, to doing yoga, to WFH attire, lounge wear, to latching your baby or pumping milk, I hope that my design can accompany you in all your mummy duties and tasks, throughout the day, everyday.

Connect with me on instagram, @amightymum to say hello to a fellow mummy! :)

And always remember, You Are A Mighty Mum no matter what.

With lots of love, Nancy