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A Mighty Mum

A Mighty Mum x Mori Gift Set - The Pumping Mum

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A Mighty Kimono Colour
A Mighty Kimono Size
Mori Insulation Bag

The Perfect Gift For A Mighty Mum. For Mummies, By Mummies.

Being a new mum (or a second or third) is a joyous occasion. Having received many gifts in the past, we understand just what a new Mum (or a second or third) needs, and that are gifts that make the motherhood journey, a little easier. We are excited to work with Mori, a social enterprise which empowers women from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with work opportunities. Read more about Mori and the social cause they support here.

Bundle: A Mighty Kimono + Mori Insulation Bag

A Mighty Kimono

A uniquely designed Kimono jacket that allows you to nurse anywhere without a nursing cover or pump discreetly at your work desk without anyone knowing. Roomy, comfortable, breathable and stretchy enough to house a baby (or a baby bump)! Just button it up, flip it around and nurse anytime, anywhere!

Made using 74.5% Nylon and 25.5% Spandex, A Mighty Kimono is smooth, lightweight, cooling and breathable, perfect for busy mummies who are always on the go. 


74.5% Nylon, 25.5% Spandex

Actual Sizing References From Real Mummies

  • Mummy A: 155cm, 50kg - Size S/M
  • Mummy B: 161cm, 62kg - Size M
  • Mummy C: 160cm, 70kg - Size M
  • Mummy D: 168cm, 53kg - Size M
  • Mummy E: 160cm, 70kg - SIze L
  • Mummy F: 172cm, 68kg - Size L


Mori Insulation Bag (Especially Useful For Pumping Mums)

Another mum essential, perfect for carrying all the essentials for pumping milk at work! More about Mori and the social cause they support here.

Product Highlights

  • Fits your breast pump (even for hospital-grade ones like Spectra S2 and S3) and diaper items. It is able to keep cool with its insulation lining for up to 6 hours with ice packs/blocks
  • Comes with 2 insulation body zipper compartments so you can compartmentalise your items, for example, breast pump and clothes and diaper at the bottom compartment and milk and ice packs/blocks at the top compartment
  • Additional zipper compartments on the flap closure and back of bag for you to keep small items like phone, markers, note pad, wet tissue for quick access
  • Carry in crossbody or backpack style
  • Short handle for hanging on stroller easily
  • Handmade by Mori moms for sustainable livelihoods

Product Measurements
Bag: 38 (H) x 33 (W) x 15 (D) cm
Bottom zipper compartment: 21 (H) x 33 (W) x 15 (D) cm
Top zipper compartment: 13.5 (H) X 33 (W) X 15 (D) cm
Strap (2 straps provided): longest adjustable length 26 inches / shortest adjustable length 13 inches

Product Material
Water-resistant poly canvas, vegan leather, cotton strap, insulation lining